Musical Instruments – Part 4

25. Mountain Stream Cello by Jeannie Gibson

Jeannie says, “In 2016 I spent many months living with excruciating pain in my neck, resulting in nerve damage and loss of feeling in both hands. A month or so before my neurosurgery, I began the cello, unsure if it would ever be completed. This old, beaten-up cello, dusty and marred from being in storage, lay in silence, its once deep voice stilled. I wanted to give it the chance to “sing” again. I realized that soon I too might also have a new song. I might lose the ability to paint, but there are so many other ways to celebrate life. And just before I left for Texas to have surgery, the old cello was finished, and ready for a new life.”

26. Bedazzled Cello by Thelma Hahn

Thelma says, “In 1970 I came to Los Alamos to teach elementary art in our public schools for 26 years. I love to teach art with students.  I also have a strong creative desire to do my own art.  Two neighborhood boys (5 and 10 years old) helped me sort out thousands of rhinestones by color to make this design on the cello seem to move.”

27. Recycled Butterflies Cello by Teri Thomas

28. Ocean Cello by Shelly Riebe

29. Flames Cello by Susan Baker-Dillingham

Susan is the former owner and director of New Mexico Dance Theater School and Performance Company. Whether it includes collage, designing costumes, making headpieces or beading special items such as skulls or masks, she has always loved working with her hands on artistic projects. Her motto: “There can never be too much glitter.”

30. Coffin Case Violin by Katy Greeff

31. Rock Group by Shelly Riebe

32. Fiddler Crab by Shelly Riebe

33. Peter and the Wolf Violin by Wendi Dunn

Wendi says, “The symphony ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by Prokofiev was my inspiration for a woodburned design on the front and back of this violin. First, I removed all the varnish from the violin by power sanding. Burning all the details of the wolf, bird, duck, and cat took many hours. For the finishing touch, I designed a stand to view the violin from all angles and added the words for ‘Peter and the Wolf’ in Russian. To see more of my art, visit

34. Mini Violin House by Deidré Plumlee

Deidré Plumlee is a native New Mexican and has lived in the Los Alamos area most of her life. In the 1970’s she sold her small sculptures of gnomes, gypsies, wizards, and other creatures in a gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Now she is creating the sort of fantastical world in which special tiny creatures might live—deep in an imaginary forest. Under the pen name of Raven DeVille, at (a free website to view), she has contributed her artwork and stories of weird and unusual activities in the Land of Enchantment—such as local myths and legends which are included among the memories and personal histories of several other local contributors.

35. Golden Dots Mini Violin by Ashley Schmiedicke

Ashley says, “I’ve grown up in beautiful Los Alamos. I’ve always loved art every since I was in elementary school and chose to continue my education to get my Bachelors degree in Fine Art. After graduating I felt that becoming a teacher was my calling in life. I teach first grade, but I still love to do art projects with my kids and art projects at home as a hobby. Drawing is my favorite medium and every now and then I’ll dive into painting. I’m currently working for my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction. The best part of my job is when my students make art for me. I love to hang them all over the classroom.”

36. Noel Mini Violin by Pat Viechec

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