Musical Instruments – Part 5

37. Stippled Circles Violin by Jeremy Smith

38. Birdsong Violin by Britton Donharl

Britton Donharl is delighted to have been a part of this project, making a decommissioned instrument sing again through art. She infused a background in painting and a love of the outdoors in creating the scene; this violin is meant to evoke a feeling of the natural melody of the woods, coupled with the harmony of sunshine and birdsong. Take delight in the music!

39. Barbed Blooms Viola by Gabe Vigil

40. Rhythm Frame Violin by Anita Flores

41. Wildflowers Viola by Erin Kay McHugh

42. Horse with Ivy Violin by Caitlyn Kachelmeier

43. Nature’s Song Mini Violin & Case by Mya Arnones

44. Devilish Bass by Trish Ebbert

Trish says, “Creating the devil was not my original intention; however, after several failed attempts at making it ‘pretty,’ I surrendered to what wanted to come out. Such is the life of art sometimes. I hope this ‘handsome’ devil finds its owner and a permanent home!”

45. Surrender Bass by Heather Beemer

Heather says, “As a local henna artist, I used the technique of drawing with a henna cone but with acrylic paint and pens. My inspiration came from traditional henna design, but Hindu Goddess Kali was more personal. She is often depicted as a destroyer of evil forces and liberation. I was moved by her message of surrending to time and letting the past remain in the past. In Sanskrit the word for enlightenment is Ishvara Pranidhana and that is the word on the back. To receive enlightenment we must surrender. This piece was most certainly something that inspired me to keep moving forward in life. To see more of my henna work visit”

46. Poe’s Dream Viola by Barbara M. Williams

47. Angel Violin by Alicia Gore

Alicia found that “deconstructing” a violin is a lot harder than it looks. She salvaged parts from two violins to create a fun, whimsical angel. She says she wanted to make people smile, and Alicia’s angel will certainly do that with her caption, “Gone to sing in the heavenly choir.”

48. Butterfly Trio by Julie Smith

Julie says, “I went into Village Arts a few weeks ago for a paintbrush and came home with my paintbrush and this beautiful cello. I stabilized the broken areas of the cello then sat and stared at it for awhile before deciding to reach back to my earliest favorite things to dress it with… butterflies; and if you have butterflies you need flowers. The natural color of the cello was too rich to cover up, so I chose a simple design with paint colors that would intensify its beautiful warmth. I think it will make a nice addition to someone’s personal or business space; but I’m most pleased about being part of something that will help keep music available to Los Alamos students. To see more of my work, visit”

49. Doe-Re-Mi by Andra Winegeart

Local photographer, Andra Winegeart, draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. The brilliant Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, delicate blooms of desert cacti, rivers and waterfalls of the Smoky Mountains, the majestic mountains of Colorado and the bayous of Louisiana provide some of her favorite landscape settings. The intense fall aspen colors and the skittish doe, in “Doe-Re-Mi” were captured on a jeep trail outside of Salida, Colorado. Can you spot the hidden doe in the background?

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