Musical Instruments – Part 3

13. Violin Concerto Opus 1.0 by Gordon McDonough

Gordon says, “I received my BFA many years ago at the University of Miami. In the time since I have explored many fields in art: painting, filmmaking, sculpture, electronics, toys, and mechanical automata (‘cranky things’). During the 1980’s I even built a series of stringed musical instruments using food cans for their bodies, culminating in an entire working string quintet. When I was approached to modify a violin last summer, it was an enormous honor. A person made this instrument with their own hands. It was never expected to last forever. Moving it into its next stage in life has been an awesome experience for me.”

14. Night Sky Violin by Carol Hermes

Carol says, “Elvis sang about his Blue Suede Shoes, and BB King sang ‘How Blue Can you Get?’ From Blue Moon to the Blues Brothers, the color blue is a popular musical theme. I painted this violin with the image of a blue evening sky gradually shifting into the clear dark New Mexican night sky, a sky lit only by the Milky Way. It seemed a fitting tribute to both music and our fair state.”

15. Musical Decoupage Violin by Debra Gardner

Debra says, “I really enjoyed working on the violins (so much so that I did two). It was a challenge to work on such an unconventional shape with no restrictions on the outcome. I am usually a hunter gatherer artist. My work is a combination of items from my collections of ‘treasures’ and art materials. I am the person who walks with their head down looking for bits of glass or rusty pieces and such to use in my constructions. I was an art teacher for many years in Los Alamos — especially with elementary students. I love the whimsey and charm of children’s artwork, and try to capture some of that in my own work.”

16. Ribbons & Lace Viola by Pam Paine

Pam says, “I drew my inspiration from the fashion world, specifically the Victorian era with all its lace, ribbons, flowers, and profuse decorating style. My intent is to create a Victorian lady in all her finery and showiness.”

17. Peacock Viola by Jeannie Gibson

Jeannie says, “In 2016 I spent many months living with excruciating pain in my neck, resulting in nerve damage and loss of feeling in both hands. I wore braces for a long time. During this period I realized my greatest love for painting might be a thing of the past. When the old viola was entrusted to me, I decided to try and paint one last time. The peacock on that old viola really painted itself, and I made use of pointillism to express myself. By using small dots, I was able to finally complete the image, despite the pain and awkward braces on both hands.”

18. Bronze Beads Violin by Susan Baker-Dillingham

Susan is the former owner and director of New Mexico Dance Theater School and Performance Company. Whether it includes collage, designing costumes, making headpieces or beading special items such as skulls or masks, she has always loved working with her hands on artistic projects. Her motto: “There can never be too much glitter.”

19. Please, Please Eat the Daisies Violin by Susan Switzer

Susan says, “My heart went out to the beat-up violin Kathy handed me. But I hadn’t a clue how to restore and beautify it – and was afraid to touch it! I’d never played a violin, much less taken one apart, and felt I was intruding. After weeks of just observing it there on my floor, propped against the bookcase, I decided to bring it back to life it with cheery flowers! I went to Michaels to find the right blossoms and saw the tiny knife, fork, and spoon… the song Please Please Don’t Eat the Daisies blew into my brain… and it was clear that this violin would be a whimsical reminder to enjoy life. Special thanks to Mark at Metzger’s who showed me how to restore the finish and sold me the glue gun, which was invaluable in affixing the daisies.”

20. Celtic Circles Violin by Grace Parliman

21. Nesting Birds Violin by Lynne Sutcliffe

Lynne says, “I was inspired by my work at the New Mexico Wildlife Center, where sometimes people bring in baby birds still in the nest. I used three real nests as the theme for my violin: a robin’s, a sparrow’s and a hummingbird’s nest. Then I decorated the violin with leaves, flowers, butterflies, bees, and ladybugs. You can even find eggs in one of the nests. The hummingbird’s nest is still connected to the original limb that the bird built it on.”

22. Spooky Violin by Kathy Enloe

Kathy says, “Working with fabrics is my favorite hobby and Halloween is a special time of year for me. I decided to combine the two and decorate my violin. The spooky tree that climbs through the strings is made with fabric, and if you look closely you’ll find an owl sitting on a branch. I really enjoyed working on this project.”

23. Rose on Navy Violin by Kathi Geoffrion Parker

Kathi says, “This rose is from my mom’s garden. I have done a Scratchboard drawing of it and a watercolor painting of it. Painting it with acrylics on a violin made for a new challenge!! I love learning especially in art!”

24. Black and White Silhouettes Cello by Crystal Gurley

Crystal Gurley was born and raised in Los Alamos, NM. She has traveled to many of the states and also lived in Germany for a time. Her passion for art has always been a part of her life, and after many trials in life she was given a second chance to live the life she always wanted and has stepped out in faith to pursue her art work.  She has no formal training other than art classes in high school and some community education classes. Her art work is driven by her mood, music and the world around her. She primarily paints in acrylic, but has started to branch out to other mediums and types of art work.

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