Musical Instruments – Finale

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Fuller Lodge was filled with fiddles on Saturday, February 18th, for the Fancy Fiddles Auction fundraiser. Forty-two artists donated their time and materials, resulting in fantastic makeovers of worn-out instruments. The auction included 25 violins, 9 violas, 7 cellos, 2 basses, 4 miniature violins, a whimsical “Fiddler Crab” made from papier mache, and a “Rock Group” made from leftover instrument parts. The Silent Auction and Live Auction together raised $8,525.00 for the Los Alamos Public Schools Orchestra Program in partnership with the LAPS Foundation.

During the auction, attendees bid on the instruments, which were beautifully displayed on tables and along the walls of Fuller Lodge. Just before the Silent Auction ended, Live Auction bidding began on the “quartet.” These four instruments included the “Peacock” viola by Jeannie Gibson, “Surrender” bass by Heather Beemer, “Peter and the Wolf” violin by Wendi Dunn, and “Bedazzled” cello by Thelma Hahn, all of which attracted substantial interest and generous bids.

Employees at Village Arts were treated to the creativity and inspiration the instruments provided for months as they came in and were placed on display. Although we were sad to see the instruments leave Village Arts, the success of the auction made us proud to be a part of such a worthy and creative movement. In addition to displaying all of the instruments in the store before the auction, most everyone at Village Arts had a hand in creating several instruments. It was wonderful to see our community of art and music lovers come together for such a good cause, and we hope that the revitalized instruments will provide pleasure to their new owners for many years to come.

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